Mountain Pacific Group is an independent investment management company focused on serving institutional investors with superior investment performance and independent, unbiased advice employing quantitative techniques.  We manage a mix of highly scalable, alpha-seeking strategies to create customized, liability focused solutions.

Our core competency is the ability to measure and manage financial risks, which is central to the management of MPG’s strategies. We add value by forecasting risk asymmetry as opposed to the more traditional approach of forecasting return. This investment theme manifests itself in the portfolio construction process, which aides in enhancing returns and managing tail risk.  We believe that encoding expert insights is more robust and scalable than relying on purely judgmental star / team approaches. Our approach helps control behavioral biases in the investment management process, while engendering objectivity and control.

MPG offers a highly differentiated, low risk and complementary approach to traditional active management styles. MPG provides: sustainable out performance, reduced left tail risk, active manager style diversification, and customized solution based investment management.