Privacy Policy

MPG respects the privacy and confidentiality of all client information. We adhere to the SEC’s (Security and Exchange Commission) privacy rule, Regulation S-P, requiring investment advisors to issue initial and annual privacy notices to all clients. Regulation S-P places an affirmative obligation on advisers to insure the security and confidentiality of client nonpublic personal information, which is defined as personally identifiable financial information obtained in any of the following ways:

  • Information supplied by client
  • Information resulting from transactions
  • Information obtained in providing services or products

MPG collects nonpublic personal information in the following ways:

  • Information we receive from the client such as Employer Identification Number of Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Information about transactions on behalf of clients from custodians, brokers or third party administrators which include account balances, confirmation of transactions and fees paid.
MPG does not disclose nonpublic personal information to non-affiliated third parties except as permitted by our clients or by law. MPG may disclose non-public person information to its affiliated companies to the extent it is necessary to conduct business and provide services to or on behalf of out clients. Access to information is restricted to only necessary employees. MPG maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to insure the security of non-public personal information.